User agreement

The present user agreement regulates the use terms of the website (from now on, THE SITE), from which the owner is DOMOTICALL STUDIO Ltd. (from now on, THE SITE’S OWNER).

Navigation through the website from THE SITE’S OWNER assigns the condition of user to the visitor and implies the whole acceptance of all of the regulations included within this User agreement use terms. They might be subject of modification.

The user compromises him/herself to make a correct use of the SITE in conformity of law regulation, the good faith, the public order, the traffic uses and the present User agreement use terms. The user will respond towards THE SITE’S OWNER o third parties, from whichever damages, losses and harms that might be caused as a result of not abiding the the mentioned obligation.


The SITE and their services are from public and free access, nevertheless,  THE SITE’S OWNER, conditions the use from part of the services offered in the SITE to the previous fulfillment of the corresponding form.

The user guarantees the authenticity and validity from all of the data communicated to THE SITE’S OWNER and will be the only responsible for non certain or inaccurate facts he/she might incur.

The user compromises him/herself expressly to make an adequate use from the content and services of the SITE’S OWNER, and not to use them, among them for:

  1. Content diffusion, criminal acts, violence, pornographic, racist, offensive, or in general, contrary to the law and regulations and the public order.
  2. Introduce in the net informatic viruses or make actions liable to alter, damage, interrupt or generate errors or harm in the electronic documentation, data or physical or logical systems that the SITE’S OWNER or third parties; same as  put obstacles to the free access of other users to the SITE and its services by massive consumption of IT resources through which the SITE’S OWNER offers its services.
  3. Try to access to the email accounts of other users or to restricted and protected areas from the IT systems of the SITE’S OWNER or third parties, and in the case, extract information.
  4. Harm the intellectual or industrial rights, and equally violate information confidentiality from the SITE’S OWNER or third parties associated.
  5. Phising or other user identity theft, from public administration or third parties.
  6. Reproduce, copy, distribute, or any other form of communicate publicly, transform or modify the contents, unless the express authorization from the owner to the corresponding rights.
  7. Gather data with publicity intends and allow any kind of publicity submission and communication with selling purposes or other commercial related issues without previous application or consent.

All of the contents from the site, like texts, pictures, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, likewise the graphic design, corporate image and source code, are part of a property belonging to the SITE’S OWNER. Explicitly no exploit rights are donated to the user on them more than the strictly necessary to make a correct use of the SITE.

Summarizing, the users accessing to the SITE can visualize content and in its case, make authorized strictly private copies taking into account that the reproduced elements can not be shared lately with others, and also can not be installed on net connected servers, also not being object of any kind of exploit purpose.

Likewise, any brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of whichever type appearing in the SITE are property of the SITE’S OWNER. The user is not intended to have any kind of right towards them associated to the use and access to the SITE.

The distribution, modification, transfer or public communication of the content and whichever other act not expressly previously authorized from the SITE’S OWNER and extensively exploit rights, is strictly forbidden.

The establishment of hyperlinks doesn’t imply in any case the existence of relationships between the SITE’S OWNER and the owner of the website from which it is established, nor the automatic acceptance or approval from the SITE’S OWNER of its contents and services. Likewise the person will avoid making uncertain or incorrect statements or indications, about the SITE’S OWNER, or include illicit content, contrary to good manners and the public order.

The SITE’S OWNER does not take any responsibility on the use any users may give to the materials showed on the SITE, and in extension to the acts derived on them.


The content on the present SITE is of general character and has a mere informative intention, not giving guarantee to the total access to the whole content, correction, validity, update, not on its suitability or utility for an specific objective.

The SITE’S OWNER excludes, to the extend of law protection frames, whichever responsability for the harm and damages of any nature caused from:

  1. a) The impossibility of access to the SITE or the flaws in veracity, accurateness,  exhaustivity and/or update of the contents, like the existance of vices or deffects from whatever class on the transmission, diffused, gathered, recorded, or handed over and accessed through the SITE or the related services offered.
  2. b) The presence of viruses or other elements in the content that might generate alter in the informatic systems, electronic documentation or  data from the users.
  3. c) Not abiding by the laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of traffic, and the present User agreement use terms as a result of an incorrect use of the SITE. Particularly and as an example, the SITE’S OWNER does not make him/herself responsible from third party acts that translate into infringing intellectual or industrial property rights, enterprise sensible data, honor rights, personal or familiar privacy rights, or to the own image, like the terms in the field of  of unfair competition or illicit publicity.

Likewise, the SITE’S OWNER declines any kind of responsibility towards the information out of the SITE related to it, and that it is not directly managed by our webmaster. The utility of the links appearing in the SITE in exclusively to inform the user on the existence of other sources that might be subject of widening the contents offered in the SITE. The SITE’S OWNER does not guarantee nor takes responsibility of the functioning or accessibility to the linked sites; not being responsible for the result obtained. The SITE’S OWNER dos not takes responsibility for the hyperlinks from third parties.


In case any user or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances of any kind revealing an illicit character in the use of whichever content and/or the execution of any activity in the included pages accessible through the SITE, he/she will have to send a notification to the SITE’S OWNER identifying him/herself properly, specifying the presumed infractions and declaring expressively and under his/her responsibility that the information provided in the notification is accurate.


The administrative information provided through the SITE does not substitute the legal publicity of laws, norms, or general disposals and acts that have to be posted formally to the official diaries of public administrations, that constitute the only instrument giving faith of its authentication and content.