Smart Locks

Smart Locks
18 Mar 2019

There are many times when you may have access to your house or apartment only once, for example, a friend, neighbor or a mailman.

With a few steps from the application, you can create an access code to use it once. Maybe a friend comes to watch your pets or your usual mailman comes to bring you a package.

If you have a home to rent as an Airbnb, you can set custom codes to guests that only work at specific times, and will reset the code once your guests have left.

It is common to have a house cleaner come a few times a week. It is possible to give a custom code for them, only accessible for the times scheduled to arrive. Ensuring security for your home.

A very useful option in cases of having your apartment or house available by Airbnb or if you ask a friend to take care of your pets during your holidays.

The rules of the week can also be created from the application. If, for example, we have a person who helps us with the cleaning of the house and the specific day of the week, or the babysitter of our children. A key.

Some lock systems can be adjusted in a smartphone app. You can change the code or times the code can work from a touch of your fingers. If your babysitter is running late, your mailman is early, any type of situation, you can adjust the times on your phone.

Smart locks can be very useful and ensure extra security for your home, while you are away from home.



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