Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Without Leaving Your House

14 Feb 2019

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Without having to leave your house, you can dramatically decrease your carbon footprint. Not leaving the water running or lights on in your house are simple tasks everyone can do, but if you want to take it a step further, here is how.

Smart Homes

Installing a smart home system into your home can constantly control how much energy you are releasing in your home. For instance, you are able to turn off your heating/air conditioning when you are not home or overnight. Because your home is now ‘smart’, you can program the times you will be waking up or getting home so you do not have to sacrifice comfort. This is replicated by your lighting as well. Now you never have to stress about leaving the lights on when you leave the house. Smart homes are also linked directly to your smartphone, so you just a few taps away from controlling your home.

Being Smart at Home

Although controlling your energy output is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, controlling what goes on in your home is just as important. Cutting down on your consumption of plastic can help keep oceans and your community clean. You can change your plastic water bottles to a water filter, to always have clean water. Bringing a reuse-able bag to the grocery store. Reducing your meat/dairy consumption can save millions of gallons of water a year.

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be expensive, all of these tips can actually save you money. Installing a smart home device can cut your utility and water bills immediately. Purchasing a water filter instead of using plastic bottles can cost 1/3 of the price. Bringing a reuse-able bag to the grocery store will stop the need to purchase the plastic bags offered by stores.

What is stopping you? Start reducing your footprint and start saving money.



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