Our mission is to create value in a sustainable way as we perform our activities, contributing to reduce the effects of climate change by means of clean technologies, introducing improvement actions, useful new functions, making use of the existing resources in a more effective way and offering preventive maintenance. Empowering equality, promoting diversity and corporate social responsibility.

We are aware of the speed and imminence of a world in constant and rapid change. This is why we put high emphasis in management and processes.

“All of it emphasizing customer satisfaction and compliance.”

Closeness and proximity is something we feel happy with. By establishing communication and a peer to peer dialogue to get to know your wishes we aim to prepare a complete previous study to reach the most suitable solution matching your needs.


For vision we aim to assist enterprises, commerce and people on reducing their unnecessary expenses. By improving processes, help reducing risks and getting valuable functions and thus become more competitive. At the same time offering a better environmental image, get better working conditions and improve comfort and quality of life.

We pursue the goal of becoming a reference organization in terms of technology, social and environmental. In the context of Smart Cities, creating value in a sustainable way for our clients, internally and externally, providers, shareholders, stakeholders and society in general. Contributing to promote sustainable urban spaces, taking into account diversity and social cohesion.

We aim to approach technology to the nature of people for better life quality and enjoy from better and innovative digital services.

We are at your disposal for any doubts and questions you might want to ask. Feel free to contact us!

project studio, design and development of iot solutions


  • Sustainability
  • Blue economy
  • Innovation
  • Kaizen: continuous improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Compromise
  • Equality
  • Social cohesion and awareness



R&D Technician

Applied technologies

IoT Development



Project Management

Product Design

Jose Manuel


User experience

User interface

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