International Fair of Energy and Environment – Genera

28 Feb 2019

Attending the International Fair of Energy and Environment this week has taught us about how to sustainably use energy and help the environment. The fair describes itself as having professional consultants, engineering, construction and trade. Not only that, but adding public administrations and in general, all professionals related to the world of energy and environmental efficiency together to collaborate new ideas.Companies like Spanish Hydrogen Association, National Center for Renewable Energies, and many more in attendance to bring forth new technologies and knowledge. Companies like Oleada Solar, that is a solar company that specializes in “a photovoltaic installation connected to a network, the panels generate free renewable electricity during sunny hours and the rest of the energy is obtained from the grid electricity.” In addition, Immergas is a professional water boiler system with 55 years of experience in hybrid non-gas boilers. 

Seeing the new trends and making new connections made attending the fair to very valuable use of our time. The International Fair of Energy and Environment Generates was an honor and Domoticall can not wait to come back next time.

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