How to reduce your energetic waste

How to reduce your energetic waste
25 Jul 2015

¿What alternatives do we have to spare in monthly bills? There are many, it’s all about taking some time, analyze and choose what matches better each one necessities or combine some of them. Here we leave some options so you can have more information on how to choose better:

• Reduce the power contracted.
• Reduce energetic consumption.

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¿Can you actually lower the step in your contracted power?

You might be needing way less power than you may have actually contracted. A good sign when you can try this option is by observing that the Power Control Switch almost never reacts and keeps always on.

You might be paying for more kilowatt (kW) that you really require and so experiencing a cost of the fixed term higher that the one matching your needs.  To avoid this inconvenient, you can always ask for an energetic advisor that can help you choosing the power term for what you really need, and eventually go for a lower electrical fare.

In any case, the process is usually around 9,04€ + VAT  for the hook rights and are paid directly to the distributor in the next electricity monthly bill. The process usually takes between 15 to 20 working days.

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Some tips to spare in energetic consumption

Another easy way to reduce wasted electricity can be keeping the following habits:

Lighting: Change conventional luminaries to LED lights.
Plugs: Don’t keep plugged devices in stand-by mode. Switch them off completely from current instead.
Household: for washing machines and dishwashers use cold water programs better.
Clima: If there are some electrical heating elements, make use of heat accumulators or switch it on better on valley frame fares. Program and discriminate its use to certain time frames.
Kitchen: Make use of residual heat for end cooking.


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