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18 Mar 2019

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As the home automation industry grows we get a range of new products available to us. The Google Home is a new and improving product that is reliable and useful for everyone. Just by speaking you can grab your Google Home’s attention. With a microphone on the top of the product to capture exactly what you are saying, and booming speaker system to play your music or listen to your Google voice anywhere in your home. You can ask your device to tell you the weather, time, or any random question you can think of.

Privacy has been a big issue, and Google respects everyone’s privacy.
The added feature of turning off your microphone says just that. By having a voice activated device, adding the mute feature separates itself from other competitors like Amazon’s Alexa. For consumers who value their privacy over all, this feature would be more useful.

The elegant style of the Google Home makes it easy to put anywhere in your house. As the living room is the most common area, you can also link your device to your television and can use your Google Home to control what you watch.

Consider Google Home while updating your home automation.



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